Retirement Planning

Retiring with Confidence - Pensions Advice in Lisburn & Belfast

I had built up quite a successful business over the years, but was feeling tired and disenchanted with my work-life balance and was feeling I was spending too many hours in the office and not enough seeing my family and wife. I had one eye on selling the business, but still wanted to remain active and if possible only work on a consultancy basis, so I could refocus my energy on family life.

I knew I could sell the business and wanted assurance that my business exit proceeds and savings would be enough for my wife and me to maintain our current lifestyle.

I met with Leeburn Financial Planning LLP, following a referral from my solicitor, and talked at length with them to explore my options and priorities.

Not only where they able to illustrate graphically how my income could be maintained over the years, we also explored the options of releasing funds to my daughters to help reduce their mortgages, whilst still ensuring that I could decide to stop work completely down the road, if I wasn't enjoying the consultancy work.

The Financial Planner prepared a Recommendations Report and we agreed to greatly simplify our financial affairs which I had neglected due to my business commitments. He then presented our Financial Plan, and centred on Wealth Preservation and we agreed to reduce the risk of our investments and dramatically increase the underlying diversification.

For confidentially reasons, some of the information in this case study has been changed.