Investment Planning

Removing Unnecessary Risk - Investment Advice in Hillsborough

I had never really taken much interest in our investments, until I was forced to after my husband died. A friend of mine recommended Leeburn Financial Planning LLP as her Investment expert and so I arranged a meeting with them at their offices in Lisburn.

I was conscious that my husband had taken an active interest in the financial markets, but it was time to simplify things as I didn't want to have to deal with the paperwork or stress if things went wrong. My advisor at Leeburn Financial Planning LLP, identified my attitude to risk or should I say 'loss'!, and provided me with their 'introduction to investing' presentation to explain their multi-asset approach and the changes required.

I was reassured not only by their academically based Investment Philosophy, but also their non-speculative attitude to investing and cautious approach.

It was clear that I should take less risk than before, so we agreed to reduce my exposure to shares and introduce other assets to reduce risk and increase diversification.

The team also offered to take over all the paperwork necessary and removed any hassle by consolidating the investments onto their platform. I can now view the value of my investments online at any stage and have next to no ongoing paperwork and form filling.

For confidentially reasons, some of the information in this case study has been changed.