Financial Planning

Getting Back on Track - Financial Advice in Lisburn & Belfast

I had been a self-employed solicitor for 14 years and had only occasionally invested into a small pension fund on the advice of my accountant. I also had two disappointing investment properties and was well aware that I needed advice to address my lack of structured saving, and also my lack of Financial Protection, having only ever taken out some Term Assurance through some ad hoc Private Banking Services.

My business partner was a client of Leeburn Financial Planning LLP, and suggested that I meet with them. After the initial consultation, we agreed to readdress my plan to use the investment properties as my pension, as it was not only proving an expensive means of investing, but unnecessarily risky, as nearly all my future family wealth was riding on the performance of the residential property market.

With their help and guidance, we looked how best to reduce the mortgage debt and eventually sold one of the properties.

They constructed a 'Cash Flow' Financial Plan, to illustrate how much I needed to save each month and what insurances where required to protect my family from ill-health or premature death. We also put in place a means of funding my children's university education which is fast approaching and I feel I have a fresh perspective on my finances, knowing that they are being looked after and under control.

I have now built up a considerable Pension Pot within a SIPP and at our annual meeting each year, we assess whether I am ‘on track’ to retire early and phase myself out of the business.

Thankfully I have not needed to call upon my insurances, but I like the peace of mind from knowing that if anything was to happen to me, not only would my wife be financially secure for the rest of her days, but my children’s university funding has been taken care of.

For confidentially reasons, some of the information in this case study has been changed.